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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Apps Make You More Productive

New Apps Make You More Productive

Sunday, March 22, 2009

inviting my author clients to learn how to do "The Money Talk"a free tele-training call

Friday, March 20, 2009

Book your trip to Madison to boost your business now and save We're showing small biz how to break out to greatness

Thursday, March 19, 2009

All our Twitter Radio shows now on iTunes FREE social media podcast at #TCR

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Malcolm Gladwell, Joe Sugarmand, me and 9 other mentors at the Business Power Sessions. Guess where?
iTunes FREE social media podcast at #TCR

Monday, March 16, 2009

sending email to partners about a new book launch to get them tons of new small business readers. Here's what it said
@freado lot's of chatter on the subject. Few experienced users. still tradeoffs I'll be reporting on my Aspire here
I expect to be even more mobile once I'm carry my netbook

Sunday, March 15, 2009

working on project to give bloggers and mailing list owners free signups. Do you have a small biz audience?
I feel like dancing. You will too when you watch the happy feet video

Saturday, March 14, 2009

All of the Twitter Radio shows will be streamed to iTunes FREE social media podcast at #TCR

Friday, March 13, 2009

Twitter Radio Show starts in 23 minutes. Social media experts @RobMcNealy @Barefoot_Exec secrets of success #TCR
"if you can tell the difference between work and play, you aren't doing one of them right" Work=FUN tonight on #TCR
Business guru Michael Gerber called it "A Gift from God for small business owners" Watch the video and get the demo
Would you like to live on your terms.. make what as you want, control your time? Join @Barefoot_Exec tonight #TCR
Will you be on #TCR chat tonight? @ me so I know what to ask our special guest about social media success for you

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

set up special show for authors with books that should be turned into movies. How it's done FREE 3/9/09

Friday, January 09, 2009

starting the chat for live Tweetup and radio show #TCR audio starts in at top of the hour

Thursday, January 01, 2009

#happy09 is the #2 used term on Twitter today. Thousands people sharing with others. You need to connect with them

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My crazy New Years celebration idea with 1000's of people on Twitter #Happy09 I got carried away.. it went viral

Saturday, December 20, 2008

"I was a social media doucebag" .. read the redemption story on

Friday, December 19, 2008

#TCR "Avoid These Mistakes in Social Media" on chat live now with @MattBacak

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Do You Want To Be on Oprah?

Imagine Oprah calling you...

Are you ready to be that famous?

Would your career, book or business benfit from that much exposure?

You know that they don't call for expert guest out of the phone book. There is a system that authors and expert entrepreneurs use to generate millions in free publicity.

You can learn how FREE at the "How to get National Publicity" teleseminar

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Deep undercover at Bloghaus

great to be a former geek (well, at least I'm not professional geeking anymore).

This, with my residence in Vegas give me ample opportunity to hang out with the pros covering CES this week.

If you have a blog, and ask nice, you get in to the Seagate sponsored suite. Food is good, geek talk is better... and I'm here blogging on CES on my other blogs

Friday, December 21, 2007

Finally, a simple way to get your blog started

Mark Joyner has done it a again...

His first course on Blogging, now the SIMPLE way to get a blog started and set on a path to profit.

Best of all, this nut is giving it away FREE.

If you've been waiting to find the time to get a blog going.. your wait is over.

Grab this before he gets through the test and starts charging for it.

Simple, easy, quick way to start a blog

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Multipy Your Book Marketing Success With Onine Promotion SIte

As you begin to use social media to boost your online marketing presence for your book, I suggest that you take a look at

For instance, I'm using the blog editor at to post a message for my new blog, while posting the same entry to my Book Marketing Success blog and other marketing blogs.

That's three more mentions for me (Warren Whitlock) and my author and book publishing keywords.. plus I'm reaching millions of readers on the service.

I'm just getting started... using tools to import a list of contact to see who is here.. then uploading videos for additional posting, along with photos, other blogs, and more.

Take a look now at and post a comment to let me know how you will use it to attract new readers for your book and online promotions.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

More results from blogging

How this for blog marketing.. my sites with blogs still do very well.

# URL Rank 1 3/10 2 0/10 3 2/10 4 2/10 5 1/10 6 2/10 7 0/10 8 0/10 9 0/10 10 0/10 11 0/10 12 2/10 13 0/10 14 2/10 15 0/10 16 0/10 17 0/10 18 2/10 19 3/10 20 0/10 21 0/10 22 3/10 23 0/10 24 0/10 25 2/10 26 0/10 27 0/10 28 0/10 29 0/10 30 0/10 31 0/10 32 0/10 33 0/10 34 0/10 35 0/10 36 0/10 37 0/10 38 2/10 39 0/10 40 2/10 41 0/10 42 1/10 43 4/10 44 0/10 45 2/10 46 0/10 47 0/10 48 0/10 49 0/10 50 2/10 51 0/10 52 0/10 53 0/10 54 0/10 55 0/10 56 0/10 57 0/10 58 0/10 59 0/10 60 0/10 61 0/10 62 0/10 63 2/10 64 0/10 65 2/10 66 0/10 67 0/10 68 0/10 69 0/10 70 3/10 71 3/10 72 2/10 73 0/10 74 2/10 75 0/10 76 4/10 77 2/10 78 0/10 79 0/10 80 0/10 81 0/10 82 3/10 83 3/10 84 0/10 85 2/10 86 2/10 87 2/10 88 0/10 89 2/10 90 0/10 91 0/10 92 0/10 93 0/10 94 0/10 95 0/10 96 0/10 97 2/10 98 0/10 99 0/10 100 0/10 101 0/10 102 0/10 103 0/10 104 0/10 105 0/10 106 2/10 107 3/10 108 0/10 109 0/10 110 0/10 111 0/10 112 2/10 113 2/10 114 2/10 115 0/10 116 0/10 117 0/10 118 4/10 119 0/10 120 0/10 121 0/10 122 0/10 123 3/10 124 0/10 125 2/10 126 2/10 127 2/10 128 2/10 129 2/10 130 0/10 131 0/10 132 0/10 133 0/10 134 2/10 135 0/10 136 0/10 137 0/10 138 3/10 139 0/10 140 2/10 141 0/10 142 2/10 143 0/10 144 2/10 145 2/10 146 2/10 147 0/10 148 3/10 149 2/10 150 2/10 151 0/10 152 0/10 153 0/10 154 2/10 155 0/10 156 2/10 157 0/10 158 0/10 159 2/10 160 0/10 161 2/10 162 2/10 163 2/10 164 3/10 165 0/10 166 0/10 167 0/10 168 0/10 169 2/10 170 2/10 171 2/10 172 2/10 173 0/10 174 0/10 175 0/10 176 2/10 177 0/10 178 2/10 179 0/10 180 0/10 181 2/10 182 2/10 183 2/10 184 0/10 185 0/10 186 3/10 187 0/10 188 0/10 189 0/10 190 0/10 191 0/10 192 0/10 193 0/10 194 0/10 195 0/10 196 0/10 197 1/10 198 2/10 199 0/10 200 2/10 201 0/10 202 0/10 203 3/10 204 3/10 205 0/10 206 0/10 207 0/10 208 0/10 209 0/10 210 0/10 211 4/10 212 0/10 213 0/10 214 2/10 215 0/10 216 0/10 217 0/10 218 0/10 219 0/10 220 0/10 221 0/10 222 0/10 223 4/10 224 2/10 225 0/10 226 0/10 227 0/10 228 0/10 229 0/10 230 0/10 231 0/10 232 0/10 233 0/10 234 0/10 235 0/10 236 2/10 237 3/10 238 2/10 239 2/10 240 0/10 241 0/10 242 2/10 243 2/10 244 0/10 245 0/10 246 0/10 247 0/10 248 4/10

Monday, March 26, 2007

simple•ology : The Simple Science of Getting What You Want

Mark Joyner is at it again.

I'm working with Mark on his biggest launch yet..

simple•ology : The Simple Science of Getting What You Want

Later this week, he will unleash his baby.. a book on simpleology.

Take a look now

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

new book marketing strategies

As the book marketing stratigest I come up with clever ways to get buzz gonig on worthwhile books.

A new one is to plant things on the net. Not spam.. good stuff that will help people.

Sometime it's fairly banel.. like this Book Marketing Stratesist Warren Whitlock's files link.. but all part of my plan to discover channels for very important date to follow

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

book marketing strategist page

I'm trying out a new service from Google.

Looking to see if it make it's easier for us to creat client pages... even simplier than blogging

book marketing strategist warren whitlock

Sunday, February 04, 2007

more sites getting lower page ranks

Looks like the easy days of creating a blog and getting it to have some sort of PR are over.

Many of my blogs are zeros. Could be that I don't post much to some of them.

But then, the ones that are actual, real blogs got thrashed.

This one here was started for notes on blog marketing. A project that is a bit behind in the posts or product development.. but more or less a real blog.

new sites aren't getting ranked at all.

More will be posted soon.. I need to share these finding with coaching client

You can make money from your book

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Saturday, September 02, 2006

What my blog worth?

Here's a fun tool that measure technorati rank.

For instance... my book marketing expert blog is listed

And my Marketing Results blog is

My blogs

Not one, but now 2 blogs are running to support the Mega Success Day online promotion

I'm a blatent promoter. But I believe in the law of reciprocity and want to give a great deal of information to anyone looking for help.

Here are the links for those blogs:

Millionaire MegaSuccess where I detail all of the steps we're taking to share "Millionaire Republican" and the Millionaire Success Day with millions

Older Success Blog for

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Amazon Profile: Can I boost the PR?

I'm checking the Google Alert for my name.. and get this listing.

I'm going to check the page rank of all the page.. and see if blooging them boost their rank.. and thereby making better links for my sites.

I'll report back on this one. Profile for Warren L. Whitlock#1 Best Selling Author Warren Whitlock, book marketing expert who writes ...Warren Whitlock is a Marketing Results Coach, helping business owners set up ...
Warren WhitlockWarren Whitlock is the Marketing Results Coach. His mission is to help authorsand businesses improve the results of their marketing programs. ...
Free Promotion for AuthorsThanks for joining us. Working together, we'll do great things. copyright 2005Warren Whitlock, the Marketing Results Coach.
Vegas News - Vegas Press Releases - Best-Selling Amazon Author ...Best-Selling Amazon Author Warren Whitlock Moves Books by the Millions ...(Vegas Buzz - December 30, 2005) Warren Whitlock, a Las Vegas-based marketer, ...
Book Marketing Expert Warren Whitlock's The Daily Warren - Book ...Book Marketing Expert Warren Whitlock's up to date information for authors and... Where do you ask book marketing expert Warren Whitlock a question? ...
Books I am readingNo pay.. it's complimentary. Do this now. Warren Whitlock ... My Photo: Name:WarrenWhitlock: Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States ...
"I used one new idea to double sales in my own company in only a ...Hi, I'm Warren Whitlock, Marketing Results Coach. And I'd like to ask you: ...copyright 2004 Warren Whitlock,
Blogger: User Profile: Warren WhitlockWarren Whitlock. Industry: Consulting; Occupation: Marketing Results Coach;Location: Las Vegas : Nevada : United States ...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

blog united for moms

Today's project promotes a great book for working moms

Briefcase Moms by Lisa Martin

Go there and get a slew of bonus gifts

blog united for moms

Today's project promotes a great book for working moms

Briefcase Moms by Lisa Martin

Go there and get a slew of bonus gifts

Wednesday, March 29, 2006 - Time Inc. Makes New Bid To Be Big Web Player - Time Inc. Makes New Bid To Be Big Web Player: "In recent months, Time management has taken steps to dissolve the divisions between its Web and print operations. It has made selling ads online a priority and demanded that writers produce more copy for its Web sites. It is also expanding the sites to include more video, blogs and photographs. Former 'Wonkette' blogger Ana Marie Cox has been hired to write for Time magazine and its revamped Web site, alongside Andrew Sullivan, another well-known blogger and columnist. Time Inc. has even launched an irreverent Web site aimed at young male workers called Office Pirates.
'What's abundantly clear to us is that there is a really attractive, smart readership who are younger than they are older and who get what they are looking for from the Web,' says Time Managing Editor James Kelly.
Driving the newly aggressive effort is a recognition that amid problems for many categories in the print-magazine industry, some core Time Inc. print products are losing steam even as Web competitors are proliferating. Last year, advertising pages at Time magazine, the company's biggest by circulation, slumped 12%, according to the Publishers Information Bureau. Fortune was off nearly 10%, and Sports Illustrated dropped 17%. The first two months of this year weren't much better. Most worrying for Time Inc.: a 21% drop at People, which accounts for about one-third of the company's operating profit, after a record year in 2005. Time Inc. executives say they fear some of the declines may be permanent as more money flows to the Internet."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

another of my marekting with blogs blog posts

I'm putting a list of the sites I use in with some sites I promote.

Watch this space for results of the experiment.

  1. printer and printers

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  13. author media kits, press kits

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  20. free book gifts

  21. canon bubbljet printer experts

  22. business success

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  24. best selling book promotion - book marketing expert Warren Whitlock

  25. listen to mp3 internet readio and podcasts

  26. matt bacak, best selling author

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  28. cure diabetes

  29. make money on ebay - sell on ebay

  30. LDS missionary

  31. mortage tips

  32. free books

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  35. Imaging Supplies Industry News

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  100. free leads zero cost promotions by Warren Whitlock, book marketing expert

Friday, October 14, 2005

HP recall on laptop batteries for compaq and hewlett packard notebook computers

• TI Downgrade Hurts Chip Shares
• Judge Stays Google Suit Against Microsoft

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Dow Jones, Reuters
Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ)
U.S. dollars 27.53

* At Market Close
• Computer Hardware

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H-P Recalls Laptop Batteries
October 14, 2005 9:33 a.m.

Hewlett Packard Co. is recalling about 135,000 battery packs for some H-P and Compaq laptop computers because of reports they overheated and melted, the Palo Alto, Calif., company announced Friday. The lithium ion rechargeable battery packs are used with H-P Pavilion, Compaq Presario, H-P Compaq and Compaq Evo laptop computers. The recalled packs bear a barcode label starting with GC, IA, L0 or L1, and were sold from March 2004 through May 2005. The company has received 16 reports of the batteries" overheating; four cases occurred in the U.S. The company said customers should stop using the laptops and contact H-P for a replacement by calling 888-404-7398 or visiting

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Another blog Marketing Experiment.

I've been preaching that ever author, every book, and every business should have a blog.

Starting today, there is a blog for my Sept 20th promotion of A Marketing Plan for Life by Robert Michael Fried

A Marketing Plan For Life

Blog Usablity Report

Catalyst Group surveyed non-users with Intnernet experience but no awarness of blogs.

The found out the obvios. Most people don't have a clue about the nuances of blogs, nor would care to know.

But they do like the idea of getting articles that are of interest to them.

Blog_usability_report.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Must read Market Watch Article

Blog readers young and well off: study

By Frank Barnako, MarketWatch
Last Update: 3:00 PM ET Aug 11, 2005
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- New research suggests advertisers may ignore Web logs at their own peril. ComScore Media Metrix researched readership among its study panel of consumers and reported 1 out of 6 Americans read a blog in the first quarter of the year.

Other key findings:

50 million U.S. Internet users visited blog sites.
Of the 400 biggest blogs, blogs focused on news and politics were most popular; followed by "hipster" and lifestyle blogs, tech blogs, and blogs authored by women.
Compared to the average Internet user, blog readers are significantly more likely to live in wealthier households, be younger and access the Web via high-speed connection.
Blog readers visit nearly twice as many Web pages as the average Internet user and they are much more likely to shop online. ("Yes, indeed, this proves that blog readers have no lives," commented Jeff Jarvis at
The study was commissioned by Six Apart Inc., the blog software company, and Gawker Media. Jason Calacanis, whose Weblogs Inc. competes with Gawker for advertising, is incensed his network of blogs was not included in the research project. ComScore's audience estimates are inaccurate he claims and, on his own blog, hints at a bias in the reporting in favor of a sponsor. He is asking that the research firm release the raw data of the report. At deadline, ComScore had no response.

What Calacanis, and other critics of the report do not dispute is its conclusion there's a whole lot of blog reading going on. ComScore found their readers have higher household incomes than most Internet users, and are younger than most surfers.

"The vast majority of advertisers have been waiting for data," Gawker's founder wrote at "There's only one measurement that matters to media buyers and agencies," he explained. "Youth, with wealth, to advertisers, is a rare and desirable combination," Denton said.

ComScore said the five most popular Web logs in the first quarter of the year, and their audiences were: (3.6 million unique visitors), (2.266 million), (1.186 million), (1.136 million), and (1.125 million).

ComScore pointed out that many blogs have relatively large audiences that visit infrequently. For instance the average reader logged on just 1.6 times during the quarter. Other blogs, such as DailyKos and TalkingPointsMemo are read by a smaller audience but are visited much more often.

Politics/News sites account for 43 percent of blog readers, ComScore reported, followed by "Hipster" (17%), Tech (15%),Women (8%), Media (8%), Personal (6%), and Business (3%).

In Denton's analysis, he noted that sites with "reader engagement" have a higher frequency of visits and faster growth rates. He conceded his company's tech/gadget blog was quickly overtaken by WeblogsInc.'s competitor, which allows reader feedback. "I might have to rethink my rather snobby aversion to comments," he wrote.

The report was co-authored by ComScore Networks analyst Graham Mudd and DoubleClick Inc.'s (DCLK) director of research, Rick Bruner.

The MarketWatch Internet Daily podcast is available through the Apple iTunes music store (AAPL: news, chart, profile). Listen or subscribe here. You can also hear it on the CBS Radio Network.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Google tests out blog ad service: ZDNet Australia: News: Business

Google tests out blog ad service: ZDNet Australia: News: Business: "This week, Google spawned a version of AdSense that allows publishers to send a text or banner advertisement alongside syndicated content using Really Simple Syndication (RSS) or Atom, Google's adopted format.
RSS is an open standard for content syndication that's transforming the way people access news headlines and other information such as blogs online. Though it's one of the most promising emerging technologies, publishers have yet to find means of profiting from it. Advertising is widely thought to be the answer.
Companies including Kanoodle, Moreover Technologies and Yahoo are testing similar ad services for feeds."

Saturday, July 16, 2005

My new blog about PotterMarketing

There is so many things to learn about book marketing from the Harry Potter launch today, I just had to put my notes in a blog about Harry Potter book marketing lessons.

Even a book marketing expert can learn from this one.

Book Marketing Expert starts Harry Potter Blog

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Small Business Pipeline | Blogs Now Mean Business

Small Business Pipeline | Blogs Now Mean Business: "This review looks at a five blog applications that fill a variety of business needs."

Monday, May 02, 2005

Web Blog Directory - We Blog A Lot - Aggregating the PoweR of Blogs!

Here's a cool directory of blogs

Web Blog Directory

You can get your RSS feed listed by clicking on ADD YOUR FEED on the top menu

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Blogs Work for Real Estate Marketer

These guys are way off base.

They contend that you can't market with blogs because "probably most blogs don't"

Most web sites don't market well.. most email sent does not result in a sale.. and most people (and business) think little of marketing.

Then.. the post an excellent case study about a great response to blog marketing. : practical news and Case Studies for publishers and aggregators selling and syndicating text-content online.: "CHALLENGE: A little over two years ago, John Mudd quit his job in book publicity to try his hand at selling waterfront vacation homes worth an average $700,000 in Florida.
He quickly learned the Web was mission critical.
'People are more interested in the property than they are in the realtor. About 80% of home buyers go online long in advance of even looking at real estate in a certain area. They'll visit something like 20 different realtor Web sites and then they'll go with the first realtor who calls them back.'
Mudd's Web site had to show up high in search engine results to get visitors, plus it had to convert clicks into hand-raising prospects he could call on.
But, his budget was small -- less than $1000 -- and competition for real estate-related search visibility was incredibly fierce.
CAMPAIGN: Mudd knew Google's crawlers were infamous for paying more attention to blogs than they did to most traditional Web sites.
'I had a blog when I was in PR and I noticed the blog ended up pretty high in Google for terms like 'Media Relations.' Pretty much anything I'd post would end up in the top five rankings for a while.'
Tactic #1. Seed your blog posts with keywords
Each separate entry you post to a blog will be reviewed on its own by search engines. If that individual entry contains keywords your prospects are searching for, the search engine may include a link to that particular post in its results.
This means you can't just post keywords as part of your overall blog name or template and count on that to do much for you. You need to consider what key terms are critical to your audience, and include them in your postings.
However, you can only rank well a few times for a particu"

Notes on Marketing With Blogs

New blog today... collecting sites and notes for a class on marketing with blogs

read about the class at