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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Blogs Work for Real Estate Marketer

These guys are way off base.

They contend that you can't market with blogs because "probably most blogs don't"

Most web sites don't market well.. most email sent does not result in a sale.. and most people (and business) think little of marketing.

Then.. the post an excellent case study about a great response to blog marketing. : practical news and Case Studies for publishers and aggregators selling and syndicating text-content online.: "CHALLENGE: A little over two years ago, John Mudd quit his job in book publicity to try his hand at selling waterfront vacation homes worth an average $700,000 in Florida.
He quickly learned the Web was mission critical.
'People are more interested in the property than they are in the realtor. About 80% of home buyers go online long in advance of even looking at real estate in a certain area. They'll visit something like 20 different realtor Web sites and then they'll go with the first realtor who calls them back.'
Mudd's Web site had to show up high in search engine results to get visitors, plus it had to convert clicks into hand-raising prospects he could call on.
But, his budget was small -- less than $1000 -- and competition for real estate-related search visibility was incredibly fierce.
CAMPAIGN: Mudd knew Google's crawlers were infamous for paying more attention to blogs than they did to most traditional Web sites.
'I had a blog when I was in PR and I noticed the blog ended up pretty high in Google for terms like 'Media Relations.' Pretty much anything I'd post would end up in the top five rankings for a while.'
Tactic #1. Seed your blog posts with keywords
Each separate entry you post to a blog will be reviewed on its own by search engines. If that individual entry contains keywords your prospects are searching for, the search engine may include a link to that particular post in its results.
This means you can't just post keywords as part of your overall blog name or template and count on that to do much for you. You need to consider what key terms are critical to your audience, and include them in your postings.
However, you can only rank well a few times for a particu"

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